About Us

                 Ian Wilson is the principal operator and owner. Web site: https://ianwilsonphotography.com.au
                 He has been a top professional photographer for 40 years and has vast experience in all fields of Photography.
                 We have been providing specialised Time-Lapse services for over ten years to many local and National clients.

                 Time-Lapse is the principal part of the business.

                                     Not just Time-Lapse.  

             We also supply all Professional Commercial Photography services available.

Aerial: With our registered DRONE or From Aircraft for large areas   
Commercial Photography: O
f Site Visits with VIP’S or Pre-works, Milestones, During works and Post works.
                                                                    Photography for Heritage, Architects, Dilapidation reports and general Photography

  •  Insurance: The business is insured for public liability up to $20 M, All equipment is insured. Also hold Work Cover ins, Income Protection, Indemnity & Business Ins.
  • Community Involvement: We are proude to be a member and participate in "Heartfelt"
                                                           Heartfelt is a volunteer organisation of professional photographers from all over Australia and New Zealand dedicated to giving the gift of
                                                           photographic memories to families that have experienced stillbirths, premature births or have children with terminal illnesses.

  • Sponsorship:  We are Silver sponsors of Basketball Ballarat. The NBL1 "Miners and Rush" elite basketball teams home games are photographed by us free of charge.
                                      these photos are used for promotion, media and social media

  • Donations:     We partificpate and encourage you to donate to https://www.heartfelt.org.au/

  • Negotiation:  We are open to negotiation on any aspect of this quotation, answer any questions and attend any briefing

  • Safety:
    We have never recorded an injury or any safety issue and always participate in any site inductions and safety programs.
    We always carry PPE including, orange vest, steel caped safety boots, safety helmet, safety glasses, ear plugs and gloves.
    Also registered supplier for V Line, Vic Roads, Origin, Southern Program Alliance, Winslow, WBHO, Lend Lease, McCain, Kane construction, Fairfax and News ltd and have participated in site inductions with construction companies. Any specific courses required to be completed will be done so at the expense of the client.

​           All staff are fully trained and hold:

  • Worksafe construction induction card,
  • Working at Heights
  • EWP Knuckle boom
  • Rail Industry Worker card,
  • National Police check

Scenery of sloar farm one  construction time-lapse is finished

This link will take you to our Ian Wilson Photography web site. www.ianwilsonphotography.com.au

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