Frequently Asked Questions

When can I see the photos?

  • Within minutes of the last photo taken. This is a live system, it remotely uploads photos to our secure server as soon as they are taken or set intervals during the day and night.

How do I access Photos? 

  •  You receive a URL for a dedicated web site of your project.                                                                                                     Camera unit on pole with solar panel these can run indefinitely construction time-lapse
  •  Include your branding on the home page.
  • Apps are available for all platforms and devices.
  • Log in anytime to check the project.
  • Download directly.
  • Search by date.
  • Visually compare two photos with our unique tool
  • Share with others and social media

When do I get the video?

  • Thousands of images are produced every month. We sort all images then each is individually edited by our highly trained staff and used to create a Mp4 video.
  • This can be updated and supplied monthly or at the end of the project.
  • We include any branding and text you wish.
  • The RAW images can be supplied for your graphics staff to create the video if you wish.

Why use our system?

  • All components, cameras and optics are of the highest quality.

  • Once we decide on a mounting location you don’t have to do anything, leave it up to us.
  • We are just a phone call away.
  • We constantly monitor the cameras and can remotely adjust vital aspects.

Where can it work?

  • Any outdoor or indoor location that has 3G service.
  • They can be mounted on any existing infrastructure or we can supply mounting solutions and masts if nothing is available.

How is the unit Mounted?

  • We can mount the units on existing infrastructure by using a boom lift.
  • Another mounting option is for us to hire and supply a 6.5 or 9 metre tilt pole.  Clients sometime purchase their own poles and move them from site to site.

Is Plant hire required?

  • Anytime a EWP or other plant need to be hired it is at the expense of the client. We are licneced to operate.
    Download our information PDF here.Time Lapse Information