construction time-lapse site manager

Time is everything when organising time lapse and a lot of factors have to be considered. Quick or slow to shoot, time of day and focus. Ian has excelled in all these areas as well as his static photography skills. He is reliable, very reasonable and honest. He will provide his opinion  on the best shot for the best outcome. We would recommend Ian for any size project, especially in the construction industry. Ian you have done some really amazing work for us to date. Thank you again.

Shondelle Mathews
Community and Stakeholder Manager
Winlsow Infrastructure                                                                                         

"Primarily, we use the time lapse camera to provide a permanent construction record and to assist with site supervision activities. Secondly, it is used as a marketing tool for our internal and external stakeholders."

Warrren Jose.
General Manager Infrastructure Delivery

Central Highlands Water.
Time-Lapse. It’s useful being able to validate invoices and check that people were actually doing what they have claimed. On the same token the boys use it for quality checks to make sure the trades are following protocol which is equally as useful for assessing safety on site and spotting risks. 

Kyle Cushion
Contract Administrator
Kane Nicholson

              Download our information PDF here.Time Lapse Information