What We Do

Our new rapid mast 9M mast is perfect for locations that
have no existing
infrastructure to mount the units onto                                          
No Digging | No Concrete | No Worries 

Rapid mast
               Client Portal                                                                   

  • We can meet with you to discuss the project and do a site inpection to determine suitability and mounting position. 
  • Participate in any site inductions.
  • Install the system.
  • Set up your on line portal with your Company Logos.
  • Determine the best capture intervals for your project.
  • We continualy monitor the units status.
  • Sort, select and edit photos regulary.
  • Create and supply video at the end of the project and during the project if wanted.
  • Provide the edited still images that we have used in the video.                                                                          

        Download our information PDF here.Time-Lapse info