You have IT - We can TimeLapseIT

You Have IT
We can Time-Lapse IT


Dynamic & Live View
Long & Short Term Projects


Ideal for Stakeholder Engagement & Company records

Our Service.
With Time-Lapse, photos are taken at regular intervals from the same vantage point, then edited and compiled together in a video that showcases the normally slow transformation in just seconds.
Cameras can run 24/7 for any amount of time.

Construction, Civil works, Demolition, Factory Fit Outs, Large Scale Renewable Energy Projects, Government Contracts

Superior Quality.
It consists of the highest possible quality 24 Megapixel DLSR Nikon Camera and lens with an ultra-wide angle of view of 109 degree

The Ideal Media.
Time lapse is the ideal media to record the progress of projects over long or short term for both your Client and your Company

Download our information PDF here. TimeLapseIT